What a Horible Shame

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There is so much on that car I need and the car itself was probably fine.  There is an ad on Denver CL which may have been or is this car, not sure.


1st, it's a suede bolster car.  So we need to find out the VIN.  What if it is earlier than my #105?  In any case, Barney and Marck need to update capture information on the car. 


2nd, I see a lot of parts I can use, and even restore or add to Reatta Parts sellers inventory.  Like that window switch assembly in the dash, the seats, the hood badge I did need for my SS so I can yank off the one on my car.  It looks very nice.   I could go on and on.  That is why we need to network and at least grab these parts.


I am in Des Moines, Iowa and I once took parts off a 1989 for Marck.  That's the kind of cooperation needed.  For me to tell my employer, hold on, I need to run out to Denver to grab parts off this car - and the Black / Tan on Buick Buy/Sell - would require 2 1/2 days of travel, plus 2 days of pulling, hoping I remembered all the correct tools! 


Or - if we had a "Reatta guy" in Denver - where in Colorado outside of municipalities there are plenty of salvage yards and yards available for storage - then this one would not be such a loss.  It is a shame.  Kind of like being tied up while they beat your dog in front of you. 

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