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Delco starter 737-J and coil needed for 1936 President

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Will buy outright or have lots of pre war parts for trade. Also need Delco coil 537-B. Attaching photo of car. Purchased from an estate of a guy who went in for knee surgery and died of a blood clot. Believe some of the missing parts had been taken in for restoration but after the owners death no one knew they were missing or if so where to find them. Neat car, needs to be finished.

053 copy.jpg

IMG_6002 email.jpg

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Sit down and call all the restoration shops and starter rebuilders around the area where you bought this car and see if they have these parts from the former owner .

The starter 737J was only used in 1936 Presidents and will be hard to find

1937 starter may work but the 8 cylinder engines had a complete redesign for 1938.

Ask the family of the former owner for all the paperwork if they still have it and there maybe an invoice or notation about the missing parts.

Robert Kapteyn

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