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One Of A Kind RivieraWear OMG Shirt

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Today I was commanded to sort through my T shirt drawer and reduce the collection, especially pre-heart attack stuff that was too big.


Now, you regular readers can imagine to tolerance my Wife must have. Well here in the item that pushed the absolute limits. Hardly worn!


If you had the good taste to buy a Buick Riviera, famed automotive style leader... flaunt your good taste.








It is sized Extra Large, but believe me, no one will notice an ill fit, other than you. She let me walk out of the house wearing it with her one time. The other time I hid it under a jacket until we arrived at the restaurant.

It is an ice breaker. When she looked across the table at me she had tears on her cheeks.

"I have the matching car at home." will start and interesting conversation.

I have orders to put the stuff on Ebay, but I am offering it here first (see the red Riviera, hat collectors?) for $25 shipped anywhere in the continental United States. It may have crossed the borders once, but that was prior to 9/11. If someone in the group acts fast I will throw in a second shirt FREE! just like those TV ads.




Act now! Others will be listed on the General For Sale or my Ebay, user Mainstreelsteel.


Oh, I almost forgot. Serious inquiries only.


Payment any wat that works for you, just don't stiff me.




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Kreed scored.


Iowa can handle it. I'll have to look, there should be an Iowa Machine Shed shirt around, a restaurant near  The Quad Cities. It says "Have you hugged your hog today" and it ain't Harley-Davidson.


Thank you, Kreed. You'll have fun with both.


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Hi Bernie- shirts arrived two days ago . Sneaked them into laundry to be washed hoping my wife wouldn't notice . Got a text while I was at work to call home . She. was laughing and asked me if  I intended to wear them or were they to go in the Goodwill pile ? :) LOL. I didn't  dare tell her  I paid money for them.  I have not yet worn them in public but when I do I suspect it will be a solo trip at night to my building to work on my cars .  They have already been worth their cost . Will let you know how my first outing goes . Thanks 


ROA 14549

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