An Antique Vanity Plate?

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Personalized Antique plates have been available in Pennsylvania for a couple of years now. The plate can have a combination of letters and numbers with a maximum limit of 4 characters. A hyphen or space can also be used but they count as one of the four total characters. Only one hyphen or space is permitted but not both.The cost of one of these plates currently appears to be $244.00 if my math is correct.


Click here for Pennsylvania Personalized Antique Plate Information

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You may want to check to see if you can display a year correct formatted plate and have your antique plates in the car.  In KY as long as the plate number/vanity info is not in use by a current normal license plate you can display the vanity/antique plate and keep the actual registered plate in the car. To be safe from a cop or parking czar patrol person that does not know this law  I keep a copy of the actual law in the glove box.  I got this plate online from ebay for about $40 -- I think it wwas a german company. .  They can do just about anything you need 

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4 hours ago, playswithbrass said:

We put personalized plates on our antique vehicles. 





Only thing is they are not historical plates on that car and is licensed as an every day vehicle and not as an antique. Year of manufacture or personalized plates in Ontario are priced as every day vehicles. Where the price goes from $18. for historic plates to $120.  per year for year of manufacture, personalized or every day plates.  Another tax grab. 

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