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More touring car doors

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Here is another set of early touring doors. Similar to the other set I posted earlier. Notice top guard on top of door lip. Hinges are similar to the sets of early dodge doors from this collection. Both doors are approximately 22 inches across. I have both sides (four doors). Unfortunately this gentleman never wrote anything down, had it all in his head. Most of this stuff has been in storage for over 40 years. That is when the family believes he stopped going to Hersey and other swap meets.   Any help would be appreciated. This is just the beginning of this hoard, there is two trailers full of just doors alone. All seem to be early 1920's and earlier.

PS I am not selling anything at this time. Just need help ID'ing what I acquired.










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That's a reasonably easy one, Buick E 6-45 . 1918-1920. The rear door has a very distinctive hinge arrangement , upper inside the body , lower external. 


Greg in Canada




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My 1918 E 6-45 does not have a body line. Nor any of the several spare doors I have accumulated over the years.  The car in the photo seems to have a body line but I think it may just be pinstriping.  The key to Buick doors of this period is the overall shape, particularly the rear door.   Note... these are all 5 passenger touring's. The 7 passenger touring's used a similar but larger body which differs in many details


1916-17  Model 45


orgbuick1921.jpg1921-23 has square door bottoms and exterior door handles

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