1947 DeSoto s-11 for Sale

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Hello, I would like to sell a 1947 Desoto s-11 custom. It is not in show-case condition, but I am willing to have further restoration done to it at extra cost.


-brand new paint job with rust proof paint (needs finishing)

-new THICK rubberized asphalt undercoat inside and out (heavy duty, not the cheap oil based)

-good running engine with new engine oil -brand interior wiring

-brand new battery

- The generator, wiring, voltage regulator ,transmission have all been cleaned, lubricated and checked for functionality.

-well painted engine, no rust, runs nice.

-gauges work well

-new master brake seals and cupronickel brake line

-Brand New carburetor (new, not re manufactured)

-spare parts

-upgraded original generator/alternator

-new heavy duty 14gauge wire on all rear and interior components

-new ignition coil and lightbulbs

It could use a re-chrome, some front trim and new upholstery to get it in showcase condition.

It already has new floor liner and the seats are back in. Will update pictures soon.

Runs and drives well, and turns on quickly. I can also transport the vehicle for cheap.

This is a chance to get a hard to find car, for cheap price.

Please read the add, if you have any questions, reply to this add or call 905 448 3688











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Oh, the price is in Canadian dollars.


I am having the entire exhaust replaced with top quality heavy duty piping.

I also have had the rear fender repaired, the tailights lightbulbs and glass installed, new voltage regulator installed, new front brake cylinders have already been ordered.

The upgraded generator works great, and has eliminated the feared dim lights at idle problem

The car has been practically entirely restored.



Will update pictures soon.


Let me know if you have any questions.


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Restored mechanically and the body.

New battery, brakes, voltage regulator, generator, ignition coil, ignition switch, carburetor, brake lines, wiring and gas line. 

Not to mention the 1/4'' thick asphalt undercoat, not like the oil based crap they put in nowadays.


Yeah, the outside could use some paint, and the seats need upholstery and it is missing the trim/chrome. I am willing to do those at no extra cost.

Also, the grill unfortunately has been covered by some sort of aluminum foil by some of it's past owners who did some really lousy jobs.But it is still solid and no rust , except for pitting.


I just haven't done it yet because I haven't had the time, and I don't want to spend more money on it.

With the exception of the paint, upholstery and chrome, It has indeed been 'almost' completely restored.


I might consider a reasonable offer.



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