Peter Zobian

Progress on my 1953 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

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I have owned this scarce 1953 Morgan Plus 4 "Flat-Rad" Roadster for 52 years. Took it apart in 1972 to restore it. Moved from Ann Arbor, MI to Southern California in 1978 and took the Morgan with me. Joined the Morgan Club in 1978, and started to restore it in 1985. Continued off and on until I took it up to a restorer in Hoodsport, WA (who shall remain un-named for his own safety) to get it finished. After two years and quite a bit of money, I got it back (another long story) and then sent it out to get the original engine rebuilt (this is an all matching number car) by a well known Morgan expert. The engine is done now and the car is lovely in its new paint (Tulip Creme with a black interior). This was a ground up, every nut and bolt, restoration of a very solid original and nice car.




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