Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

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Here is a thought that has been laying around...........

2 glass pack mufflers......pick the inlet size you want

Weld them together or make a bracket to hold them.

On the inlet, a  180 curved pipe would be nice but the radius might be tight and if you are doing your own welding,

go for option 2 put a large (2 to 3 inch dia) log and run the ends going to the mufflers into the log, then attach the pipe coming from the engine to the log.

Lots of option and opinions........sound travels in straight lines, bounces off walls like a billiard ball. so if you make inlet so the sound must make corners, the sound will be scattered.

If you make the pipe size large (bigger than the pipe coming from the engine) there should be less restriction, even if it must make a curve or corner.

The larger pipe and muffler core also slows down the flow (this allows more time for sound to be absorbed by the muffler)

What you get out the back will vary with each design....and the size of the pipes, but I think 2 glass packs in this configuration will sound good and have very good flow

glass pack.jpg

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Well the last one the vendor had was a 22401. I ordered it Friday and came today. I was running a Thrush Stainless Muffler because it was the cheapest I could find locally 2 years ago. Was kinda loud, sounded good though.  I still have the good tail pipes on the original muffler so this will work great.  Thanks for the Tip Dave

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 If you got a #22401 it is stainless and will last as long as you will keep the car. It is as close to original for our cars as you can get. And best part is that the stainless muffler you bought is cheaper then buying a Camaro muffler that is louder and the pipes sizes and locations are wrong. Good for you.

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