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Hello everyone, ever since I got this new door put on my Reatta, its rubber window track has been messed up somehow, for instance, it is way too sealed in some areas, making the window get off track. I took the panel off today and see that the motor and regulator work just fine, its just that dang track that gets in the windows way. For now me and my dad just used some brute force and pulled the window back up to where it belongs, but I don't want to roll it down ever if all its going to do is get stuck off its track. Has anyone had this problem, even remotely? Cause its not a mechanical issue, its a very odd problem to have in my opinion. Thanks for any feedback guys!

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Here is a rough sketch of how the window fits into the guide.

At the bottom front of the window (glass) there is a plastic guide that must snap into the stationary guide.

If that guide is not snapped into the guide, it will bind.

window guide II.jpg

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