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This is a very solid and rust free Model A Ford roadster with an originally installed rumbleseat. The car was a barn find from Iowa and still retains the original interior and character of a true survivor. The top was replaced in 2012 and new side curtains were custom made for her. When I had the motor rebuilt, everything was done right with new Babbitt bearings poured by George King in Connecticut and new components used throughout - if you have had any of this kind of work done you will know the expense involved...

Here is a list of work that was done:
- All brakes rebuilt
- All original shock absorbers rebuilt
- New wheel seals front & rear
- New king pins & bushings
- New aluminum fan (originals were prone to cracking & failure with ugly results)
- New motor mount springs & pads
- Fuel system cleaned, shut-off and sediment bulb rebuilt as well as the gas gage and original Zenith carburetor
- Engine rebuild including new Babbitt bearings, crank ground .020 under, re-babbitted rods, bored .060 over with new pistons, rings, and wrist pins, new stainless steel valves springs & keepers, new manifold & head studs, oil pump rebuilt, new oil pump drive gearing added, new timing gear.
- Transmission rebuilt including new sealed front and main shaft bearings, sealed cluster gear shaft, sealed reverse gear shaft, new cluster bearings, new clutch disk, and a new throw out bearing.

The car is sold with a valid Maine State warranty title. I'm located around 13 miles north of Belfast in Stockton Springs - Mark Wetherbee (207)323-8994 Please leave a message if you call, I don't always hear the phone and I usually don't answer unknown numbers...


Price is $15,000.00

Thanks for looking, Mark










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Pushing this to the top again. I seem to have had more interest from people who want to drop in a flat head 8 and make a 50's rod than anything else - Wish I'd known that before dropping all that cash into the engine...

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I love it just as it sits, we have a 30 standard roadster in very similar shape.  Issue is your price is on par with an example that might present differently, which I am sure you know.   You need the right buyer whose not looking for a driver level restoration or shiny example. That buyer should be out there.


I know from experience with ours, people will give it a lot of love at the shows.  That, and the fact I have seen instances where people have spent thousands trying to duplicate the aged look, are keeping me from the paint and trim shop.


I would wait, you could separate the engine but that's a hassle as well.  The 4, if healthy pushes the roadsters along pretty good due to the weight differences with the closed cars.

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