Early touring doors ID help

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Got these with several other sets of touring doors (more posts soon) and boatload of very early parts. I have this set (both sides, total of 4 doors). Notice leather cover on top of each door, each door (front and rears) has pull handle, Square holes for top insert. Cool hinges, open very uniquely. Last photo show approximate dimensions. Anyone have a clue ??










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4 hours ago, Ric Dean said:

Responding to previous Help responses could help to provoke better current response,  just saying. :mellow:


Only posted 3 requests for ID's in last 6 months. Replied to the two (including this one) that got responses. One must have everyone stumped, no replies. Did I miss something ??

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OLDTINPUCHER,you haven`t miss anything,but if people don`t recognice the parts people are asking for they can`t get an answer.Just think about how many hours you are spending on this forum to help other peoples questions on this forum.? Everyone are doing this just for fun, and spend a lot of time to help people for nothing?Some people don`t even say "thanks for the help they got".

Leif in Sweden.

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