Series 15 Transmission Alignment

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I trying  to get my Series 151  with Warner 3 speed alignment issues corrected


I have Franklin bulletin #600 dated  2/27/1931


The terminology is giving me a problem when working with transmission shops. They are totally baffled with the terms used bulletin 600 and the Franklin parts

Is the "clutch housing: term  used in the bulletin mean the same as modern term  "bell housing:


Is the "flywheel guard term" in the bulletin the same as the access  plate on the top of the bell housing


Does Franklin tool "clutch aligning bar drawing 35842" insert into clutch thrust bearing sleeve Franklin part  R-2541. I have a machinist who can make the clutch aligning bar if necessary.


Are the screw drivers as described in bulletin #600 used to guide in the clutch tool  into the clutch assembly (as shown in clutch parts picture)in parts book

When the clutch bar is fully inserted, I presume the clutch is now aligned


Is the next step to use a micrometer on the end of the clutch tool and then make sure it is centered in the rear bell housing end. It appears that there are two alignment holes for the alignment pins that are in approx.. the 10:30  and 1:30  position (see attached bell housing picture , it is an extra I have)


If the align dowels do not align, can offset dowel pins be used (have access to them).


Is it correct to presume with the clutch aligned, there are not forward or aft adjustments  to the bell housing when fits flat against the engine block


Are there other measurements I need to be concerned with


Suggestion from person who have actually done this procedure are greatly appreciated.


By my knowing the technology to explain to an experienced mechanic, I know teh problem will be solved just as it was with previous technology help from club members on my Series 9 which I brought to this years  Trek


Thank You


Art Lee










bell housing 2.JPG


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Have just put all parts together now on probably 10 cars and have never had an alignment issue (and all those cars are still going strong whether formerly mine or friends).   I guess it could be a problem if you were piecing together a car, but .... (ie Mike West is correct in mountain vs mole hill).

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