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21st series senior Packard Clipper parts, 1946-47

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All  parts  cherry-picked mainly from California 1946-47 Customs Supers in the early 1970s, stored indoors since. Prompt, insured shipping. Been buying and selling Packard parts 43 years. Never an unhappy transaction. I might need you someday.

Chrome bezel for instrument cluster and speedometer, excellent, includes ammeter and gas gauge but not temp & oil. Mint white lettering with brown background, all 1946-47. $145

Hood stainless side trim strips and barbs, 1942-47 seniors. Side strips are flawless, $75 each, part# 379040, left, #379041, right. Someone put a small screw through each barb, and the driver's side barb has two small holes where the brazed mounting bracket pulled loose, but some silver solder will save these, so $25 right, part# 379125, $20 left, # 379124, or $185 for the complete set.

1946-47 Custom Super interior windshield finish molding, gorgeous chrome, micro pits not worth replating. Part# 380314, $25

Interior rear ceiling dome light 1941-47, nice chrome has micro pitting not worth replating, few will notice or care. $25. Mint frosted glass.

1942 One-Eighty Clipper and 1946-47 Custom Super back of front seat cigar lighter bezel. Micro pits not worth replating. $20

1942-47 180 Clipper/Custom Super brushed aluminum with anodized gold inscribed PACKARD ashtray cover for back of front seat. Lovely. Missing handle but Y&Z and others may have this. $25.

Front seat adjusting handle, escutcheon, lever & bracket assembly for all 1941-47 four doors, gorgeous chrome. $35

NOS Gates 665 fan belts for all 356 engines. Try to find these. $55.


Can't upload crisp photos of the final three items below, but contact me and I'll email them to you directly.

Horns, right (passenger side), 1941-47 Clippers, all.  Have two, one for parts $20, the other excellent shape but missing only cover, $40.


Disassembled 21st series senior speedometer/odometer, mint ivory/white lettering on brown background, perfect glass.  $50

Front license plate bracket for 1941-47 Clippers. It's a gray area, legally, to drive a collector car without a front license plate in most states, tho' many of us do this. A local cop admitted he did this on his own old Corvette. Because I like the cleaner, lighter look of the prewar Clippers, i removed the heavy, bulky, clunky front license plate holder and front and rear bumper extensions from my '47 Super Clipper (a warmed over '42 One-Sixty Clipper as you know). But in case some busy body gendarme pulls you over for something else and notices your missing front license plate, now you can comply, at least long enough to have another patrolman sign off on it. $25


  contact: mike-exanimo@sbcglobal.net5998834021041_Customrearseatcigardoor.thumb.jpg.7a786d274fe82595c936c84ad0370b6b.jpg



Instrument cluster chrome with ammeter.jpg

Hood stainless trim & barbs.jpg

Interior windshield division chrome molding.jpg

Interior lights.jpg

Custom rear seat cigar bezel.jpg

Front seat handle assembly.jpg


horns right passenger side.htm


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May I correct you on an admittedly trivial error...?  


There is no such thing as a 1947 Custom Super Clipper.


For those 1946-7 Packards that had the "356" motor and are thus otherwise absolutely identical,  there are only two versions sold by the Packard Motor Car Company.   You could buy a SUPER Clipper (which had the cheaper, less luxurious trim of the "junior" Packards ( the " juniors"  had the same body shell, butwith the much smaller, slower, less powerful 288 cu. in motor, which, ofcourse, meant a shorter front end - shorter hood, front fenders, etc.  ).  The front windshield moulding, hand-brake and steering column were painted. These came with a pot-metal chrome script on the upper rear of the front fenders that said "Super Clipper".


The Packard CUSTOM of that era  ( again, identical in other respects) had a chrome steering column, fancier "door pulls",    "front-to-rear headliner,  fancier "kick-panels" for both front and rear, and, of course, that luscious "senior" Packard upholstery ( Laidlaw broadcloth for the seats and that velvet-like rugging material left over from the old days).   There were no emblems on the upper rear of the front fenders on the Customs.


And yes, ALL production - all series -  had a dash emblem that said " Packard Clipper".    



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