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Old Car Parts - Deal of a Lifetime

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I am currently trying to sell a very large collection of classic car parts.  The price is extremely low due to the fact that I need to sell them as soon as possible.  I am returning to school and no longer have the time or space for them.  


 I have a huge variety of parts from many different manufacturers.  Some of the manufacturers include, MoPar, Hudson, Delco Remy, Ford, and many more.  Here is a list of a small fraction of the types of parts in the inventory; Gauges (fuel, amperes, oil), Horn caps, Hood Ornaments, Bumper Guards, Switches (many switches), Lenses (tail lights, headlights, parking lights), Bezels (tail lights, Headlights, parking lights), Gaskets, Emblems, Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Kits, Cylinder Repair Kits, Voltage Regulators, Mirrors, Horn Rings, Pedals (gas and brake), Gas Caps, Grease Caps, Handles (door, window cranks, trunk — lots of handles), Tail Light Assemblies, and much much more!


***Most of the parts have been stacked in old Coca Cola plastic crates, while others have been put on pallets.  The plastic crates alone are worth $5 to $10 a piece and there are over 500 crates included in the lot.



The parts are unorganized, some of the parts are labeled with markers or tags, but the majority have not yet been identified.


*** Please Note *** I have organized about 20% of the inventory and only listed probably less than 10% of all of the parts on eBay.  We currently have $40,000+ of individual items listed for sale on eBay with this small percentage of parts.  The value of the inventory as a whole is nearly impossible to guess, but I have barely tapped into its potential. There are many more parts than are shown in the pictures.   


-Included in the lot is a large collection of antique part log books and catalog cards


*~*~*~*I am only asking 15k for the entire lot, this is truly the deal of a lifetime. I am sad to see it go, but unfortunately I do not have any other options. 








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