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Long time: news, invite & info

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Yep, I know it has been a while since I last visited, over 5 months, in fact.  The road trips I had planned were quickly destroyed, thanks to new health issues & unexpected expenses which wiped out my built-up savings.  The health issues had stabilized, more or less, thanks in part to Medicaid finally approving specialists, but then a scare about a speck in my lung being cancerous put me back on edge.


I hope to get health issues & finances situated enough so I can do my Road Trips & Working plans sometime later this year or early next year.  Meantime, I have been doing (& chronicling on my website) some day exploratory road trips with my 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS in the northern IL area to drive roads I have never seen, the latest excursion of which happened Tuesday, 07/11/2017, in conjunction with a drive to Moline IL to meet a friend in person for the 1st time.  I posted a writeup & pics here:



Otherwise, life has been mostly good, & I made some changes (with more on the way) to my website [which combines a love of vintage vehicles & congenital heart issue awareness with several different pages & features], including a brand new Business Card.




I have also just launched official OC,SH cruise nights, to which ALL ARE INVITED; take a look at the announcement in this link & let me know if you can join us sometime:




I love showcasing mom'n'pop style places, described by some as the backbone of our society.  When we help others succeed, we succeed.  To that end, I launched a revised OC,SH NETWORK with 2 tiers of membership: LTD R/T SS & HEARTLAND.  Check it out:


Daily themes:
"At The Heart"
(Round Rock TX)



"Daily Vehicle Choice"
"Cruise Night Show" (summer 2017)

Weekly themes:
"Monday Message" & "Miniature Monday"
(cars I bought)



"Turntable Tuesday" & "TV Tuesday"
(El Camino interior, Austin TX, 09/11/2016)


"Wednesday Wakeup" & "Wildlife Wednesday"
(photo I took at a cruise night, 06/05/2011)



"Thursday Throwback" & "Theatre Thursday"
(reflective photo I took 10/17/2010 of my then daily driver 1979 Caprice Classic seen in a Buick LeSabre)



"Friday Flashback" & "Friday Fun"
(picture I took at a hotel in Indianapolis IN, June 1981)



"Smorgasbord Saturday" & "Saturday Sizzler"
(HO scale scene with slot car track)



"Scenic Sunday" & "Story Sunday"
(A view of the bridge at Devils Elbow, MO, Route 66)



Occasional theme:
"Road Trips & Working"
(Lindenwood IL castle house with M-B)

Hope all is well for everyone.


pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81 MC
"Where have you gone?" | Glen Campbell | 'Still Within The Sound Of My Voice'

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On August 10, 2017 at 10:03 PM, GregLaR said:

Keep up the great work brother! B)


Thank you, Greg ... I try!



On August 11, 2017 at 7:18 AM, ragtop4two said:

I noticed you were absent a couple of months ago. Wishing you all the best!


Appreciate that.  Things are looking up, I hope ... course, I've thought that before.  Irony rocks!



On August 11, 2017 at 10:31 AM, plymouthcranbrook said:

Hi Neighbor! Been wondering where you were hiding out at. Sorry to hear about health issues. Still glad to find that things are stabilized in preparation to getting better


Howdy Neighbor!  You thinking of coming to the cruise nights at all?

Heh ... hiding is about right.  My abrupt disappearance was because I was so very embarrassed my road trips weren't going to happen as planned.  Angry & frustrated, too, but more embarrassed.  Probably shouldn't have been, but I was ... &, in some ways, still am.  *shrugs*

& thank you ... certainly working my way towards that, slowly but surely ... unless another shoe drops sometime ... ha.

Suppose it may help to give the link to the actual OC,SH Cruise Night info page, which includes a link to the Beef Villa website:

pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81 MC
"Wouldn't you like to get away?" | Gary Portnoy | 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers)'

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