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Ref: Tonneau Covers for Open cars:


We have towed the 1915 Hudson SIX-40 Touring going Cross-Country many times, usually in the closed 30 ft, extra-tall trailer (Reliability tour in Savannah - Hilton Head, etc.),

but have on several occasions also crossed the country with it on the Open Trailer.


We have two separate Tonneau covers - one over the rear portion to keep baggage, tools etc. out of sight, and a separate Tonneau cover for the front compartment. 

These two covers serve a multitude of purposes:

          1. covering the interior while travelling on an open trailer without the top or side-curtains catching the wind at highway speeds

          2. Covering the interior over night at motels to keep out rain, dew, and prying eyes

          3. covering the seats sometimes during tour stops so that the seats (and passenger thighs) do not roast from the sun


PS: Our '30 Packard has an additional Tonneau in addition to the two described above for the Hudson. Since the Packard has a second windshield and wind wings for rear seat passengers, a third Tonneau, matching the Haartz Canvas top (and trunk cover) extends from the rear edge of the front seat to the extended rear windshield, essentially enclosing most of the rear compartment, keeping rear seat passengers comfortable even in rain or in harsh winter conditions.  I came up with that idea after being a back seat passenger in another open car during bad weather, and it really works.





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8 hours ago, Joe in Canada said:

I bought my US currency last week encase I am able to go.  I tell you the exchange works a lot better if you come up here.


Agreed, and I like your new "Self-Portrait" and "White Charger", but is ONE HORSEPPOWER a bit on the LEE side, Marvin?

(with apologies for Monday morning humor?)

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Planning for the 2018 AACA Sentimental Tour in Natchez/Vicksburg, Mississippi are coming along great.  Chairman Charlie Froehlich has five willing workers in the area assisting him.  The Sentimental Star newsletter will be produced by AACA Master Editor Award winning Region Editor for the Suwannee Valley Region, Ralph Towner, along with former Master Editor Award winner retired Region Editor Earl Beauchamp.  Ralph Towner has agreed to write the Tour Report for Antique Automobile Magazine as well.  Motels, dinners, routing plans, etc are all moving along swiftly.  Keep your eyes peeled for the ads for the Tour in AA Magazines coming up.  While this is all going on, there is already a volunteer to plan and produce the 2020 AACA Sentimental Tour.  This Tour is expected to be in West Virginia, but has yet been set in concrete by the National Board.  Keep your ears to the ground for more information on the 2020 Tour.  When I began dreaming of this type of tour during my 3rd of 15 years on the National Board I never dreamed how successful the idea would be.  I've never stopped working for's been "my baby".  I ran the first prototype tour like a Divisional Tour out of White Stone, VA in 2001 with 108 cars.  The Board approved it as a National Tour in 2003, after which I wrote the rules, and the first National Sentimental Tour was run the year I was National President in 2004, out of Manassas, VA.  As I move off into the sunset after my 80th year toward the end of 2018, I consider the Sentimental Tour idea, one to keep the cars that carried the USA through the Great Depression, World War II and the years into the Fabulous Fifties to have been my greatest accomplishment while serving on the Board of AACA.  So, we'll be looking forward to seeing you in Natchez in November, and after that, Lord willing, we'll make West Virginia in 2020.  After that, all bets are off. :)


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