'39 Business Coupe Transmission Reassembly

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OK - starting to reassemble my transmission with parts from Northern Transmission.


Couple of questions, though.


I loaded the new needle bearings in and have space left over - about 3/4 of the space needed for one last bearing.


1 original bearing fits in the space snugly as the last one.  Apparently the originals being of slightly smaller diameter.  Should I put that one in to hold the space or run 1 less with a gap?


Second - the front shaft bearing passes through the case (no taper) and slides outward with the shaft installed - allowing the clutch gear to rub on the inside of the housing.

Retaining ring is installed on the outside of the case per the manual.




Will the final assembly keep the shaft from moving forward and rubbing on the housing, or will the bell housing mounting plate keep the bearing race pressed into the trans case?



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If you are talking about the output shaft fitting into the input shaft bearings, the rollers should completely fill the input shaft cavity. If your new rollers are larger in diameter. I doubt the output shaft will go in.


On the bell housing, the throwout bearing support should go in first followed by a bellville washer. That washer is important because it keeps the input shaft bearing in place.

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