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Rivieras At The 2017 BCA National Meet

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1965rivgs    46
11 hours ago, RivNut said:

They have to.  In order to fit a 65 / later wheel on the earlier hub, a register ring in the wheel must be knocked out (I say knocked out, but it's welded in) in order for the wheel to fit over the 63/64 hubs - both front and rear.  The 65 / later has a smaller front hub.  Removing them is not an easy feat.


  I know the owner of this car. I suspect he is "posing" this car exactly as he likes it per his preferences. Originally equipped with a beautiful set of cast aluminum wheels his preference is the chrome wheels. Although I really like the cast aluminum wheels, and thought he was making a mistake when changing them out, the contrast between the car`s color and the gloss black wheel webs  really made the car stand out in what was a beautiful gathering of Rivieras. For some reason the car was parked in the car corral all weekend and was not subjected to judging, let alone judging as "stock".

  BTW, the wheel register rings are easily removed with a ballpean hammer and a short, stout punch. Takes maybe a minute after all 4 wheels are lined up? The rings are simply "tacked" in four places, very easily removed.


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