Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

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17 hours ago, Scrapper said:

Just an update , I am now the proud owner of 1990 Reatta Convertible ! The Vin # is 904530 , it is red with tan vinyl top and interior 16 way power seats ,CD player, gold pin striping and red body molding.  The very best part is it has 19500 mile on it.  I purchased it from a very nice and very trusting gentleman in Texas who did everything he could to accommodate me on the deal.  I look forward to enjoying my Reatta in the wonderful Arizona weather.  I am very happy and excited to be the proud owner. 



Congratulations  on your new Reatta.

I am sure you will enjoy it.  Looks like a nice low mile car.

There is a gentleman on here that really likes that style of wheel.




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Welcome to Reatta world....

There are no local Reatta clubs.

The national Reatta Division of the Buick Club of America (BCA) meets once a year at the Buick national meet which will be in Denver next June 19-23.

This year in Milwaukee, we had about 40 total Reattas and roughly half of those were entered in the show as "Display", Archival or 400 point judged.

Phoenix has a BCA chapter and all Reattas are welcome there, they can be contacted at 480-893-8687 that is Tony Tricoci number ....he can give you info

on the Buick and other shows in that area.

You can visit the Reatta div web site at

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1 hour ago, Barney Eaton said:

You can visit the Reatta div web site at


Barney- could you please contact whomever runs that site, that the listing of


Dash Resources

Digital Dash Solutions
Carl Cowles
140 Frederick St.,
Bristol, CT 06010,
860-583 0629
Last known quote was $150 exchange


is no longer in service. I just called (2:45pm EST) and spoke to the Proprietor; they are no longer in business.


Thank you.

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