1929 Cadillac Phaeton 341-B V-8 <SOLD>

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1929 Cadillac 341B V-8, four-door, four-passenger, dual windshield Phaeton. Authentic period autumn colors of creamy yellow and beige body with dark brown fenders with brown leather interior.

Includes the following features: Synchro-mesh transmission, Security-Plate safety glass, electric windshield wipers, adjustable driver’s seat back,  fabric-covered trunk and luggage rack.

Factory-offered options include authentic (not reproduction) Herald radiator mascot, Standard (one lamp) Pilot Ray light, six wire wheels, dual fender-mounted spare tires with mirrors, front side wings, Tonneau windshield for the backseat passengers. 

Also included are side curtains, seat belts, electric fuel pump, original Buffalo wheel hubcap wrench, original wheel retaining nut wrench, service manual, restoration and historical notes, and many hard-to-find spare parts.

A rare find which has been beautifully restored. CCCA Grand Nationals award-winning car. A pleasure to drive. Same family owned since 1959. $110,000. 

Located in central Connecticut. Call 860-989-0343.Lside.thumb.jpg.e3b63feb9a9a48d9b19d2a7014064a1f.jpgLfront.thumb.jpg.b4fa89dd592e27f2f1300e8ac2e34d0c.jpgRfront.thumb.jpg.e4e42b70d756ac16d81ed0bdcdbbe966.jpgRengine.thumb.jpg.8e8569c6acbcdb89335b1f38f380e8ed.jpgLengine.thumb.jpg.1b34288bc68ebe992f2adba54191649c.jpgDash.thumb.jpg.696d71562e71c2e559d7235382bdd842.jpgRearseat.thumb.jpg.ec398c7ada94bef6d016768b34f2a02d.jpgLrear.thumb.jpg.7c1191b2b29a0b6fe8ded82882f740bb.jpgHerald.thumb.jpg.269c0928cb6ce37cfafc50b6c3cdecf9.jpg

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