2018 Eastern Spring Meet??

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WOW, The Chesapeake Region has outdone itself to have all of this work done so fast, all of the tours, the tea shirts, and extra planning that has already been done just amazes me. This thing about a trailer fee really befuddles me though?


"Since the trailer fee is a profit center a better question might be: Is it fair and inclusive to ask those who must trailer to subsidize the show so it can keep the price lower for those who don't have to trailer?"


I have no idea what the trailer parking charge will be, but I have over $50,000 invested in a tow vehicle, $20,000 + in a trailer, so I am happy to pay a small fee for protection for my equipment. I do not expect a region/chapter to do all of this work and not make a profit. I have hosted a National event myself and do realize the work involved. Also, with all of the money we have invested in our show cars and other equipment, a small fee is meaningless to me. If the cost hurts me, I would find a small scale hotel to make up for the shortages.



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Marion and I are looking forward to attending the Eastern Spring Meet in Gettysburg.  Kudos to the Chesapeake Region for hosting it--we know they'll do a great job and that we'll have a lot of fun.




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