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edinmass    274

The Ascott would have been Steve Antine's car, in the family from New as I remember. It was the first Springfield P1 I ever drove. It recently was sold by RM. That would have been a VMCCA meet, possibly at the Quabbin  Reservoir. I'm sure the Fred Roe photo collection would have more photos and photos of the individual cars.

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JV Puleo    183

I have more photos also. This is from Alden Handy's photo album. Handy was a friend of Waldor and an accomplished photographer himself. I know he was at the opening of the Lars Anderson museum because I have his photos of the event and his admission ticket.


I knew Steve Antine as a member of the local VMCCA chapter in the 70s.

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SaddleRider    32
On ‎9‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 5:38 PM, jeff_a said:

If the one that´s at The Nethercutt is not a Classic Car, I don´t know what is.


Where you been ?    EVERYTHING must be called a "classic" these days.


 What are you telling us...that you are one of those knuckle-draggers who dare still use the term "used" car, or " neat old" car,  or "car from the 1920"....or "car from the 1930"  ?


Shame on you....wake up.....I bet you cant go to a fast food joint, a plumber's shop,  or even a grocery store without finding more and more things are called "classic".


Go back under your rock..i know where you are coming are probably one of those  silly old grouches who thinks the word "classic" means something OTHER than      " I have this thing I want to unload".....!


Yes - there WAS a time when the term "antique car" meant a car that had "antique" features...such as a "T" head motor....only "external contracting" brakes on the rear wheels only,  carbide operated headlights ( who remembers how to turn on the headlights of a REAL antique car...hint...carefully...!).  and the word "classic" was limited to only the "top-of-the-line"   largest, most powerful  super luxury cars of the late 1920's up to the start of World War II.


But those days are gone, along with the way  folks used language then.  So stop asking questions on how folks like to use the words "classic"...or, for that matter "antique" these days.


P.S.   Who remembers when Jack brought that thing to his first GRAND CLASSIC...all so pretty and perfectly restored...( no...not JB..i am referring to the Du Pont....!)     and judging...the durn horn wouldn't work......!

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