90-91 reatta convertible third brake lights

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I have come across 10 third brake lights for the 90-91 convertibles. These are from the factory. The paint is not perfect, the red ones have some flaking. Some have not had the bolt threaded. Most have adhesive residue on them. I have 2 black, 2 white, 2 grey, 2 red, 1 light metallic blue, 1 dark red. Would like $75 shipped each.








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These seem to be the colors of the lights.

1991 Buick Reatta

White- WA8554 / 40 
Black- WA8555 / 41 
Bright Red- WA8774 / 81 
Dk. Garnet Red Met.- WA8984 / 76 
Brt Silver Met- WA9021 / 13 
Med. Maui Blue Met.- WA9184 / 23 

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Corvettes use the same inner housing but the outside is unique to the Reatta. These are definitely Reatta outer housings. That's not purple, but, as Agrove83 clarified, Claret Red. 


The sliver one appears to possibly be more Gunmetal Grey than bright silver. Gunmetal Grey has a slight purple tint to it in some lights. 

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the lens and circuit board was certainly a re-purposed Corvette part, but is the cast housing also from the 'vette, or was that a Reatta only part? I ask because in one photo, an ASC  part sticker is clearly visible, and as we know, they developed most of the top and body parts unique to the Reatta roadster. I don't think I've ever seen a definitive answer to this, but I was of the belief that the housing was not  borrowed from the Corvette parts bun for some reason. Just curious, as the units pictured all appear to be 90/91 Reatta colors to me.




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