1928 dictator engine and other help

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I was a member and did advertise in rotating spokes and had no responses. If you know of anything that would be much appreciated. 

The number cast into the block behind the distributor is G.12.22

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7 hours ago, Gary_Ash said:


You say that the 1930 engine with serial number S13775 doesn't fit your car.  But, what is it about that engine that causes the problem?  Does the transmission not fit the bell housing?  Are the motor mounts in the wrong place?  This should be a problem that can be solved easier than shipping another engine to Australia.

There are quite a few differences. Both the problems you list and others. I was really keen to fit this block because it is such a good one but there are to many differences and I am also a stickler for keeping things as original as I can.

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Let us know if you located an engine.

If you give me the casting number (not the engine number) cast in the block right

above the distributor  , I can look for a block.

The number yo gave G 12.22 is a casting date,

I am looking for a part number cast in the block.

Usually a 6 digit number such as 167889 or other.

I have some unidentified loose blocks.

Robert Kapteyn

casting number.png


The casting date you gave is for 1922 as far as I can tell.

Are you sure ?

Do you have pictures of your engine?


Light six engine.png

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Hi Hadhec


Where are you located, send me an email.


I will keep my eyes open for an engine.


I recently found two EU engines for a friend, just by word of mouth.


Sometimes you have keep repeating the ad in Rotating Spokes until the right person sees it.


John Grant

Email, jgr13216@bigpond.net.au

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I found an engine block with this casting number.

Does this match yours?

It does have a crack on the opening but I thinks this could be salvaged.

I also have two used cranks , oil pan, brakes transmission gears and shifter.

I am having health problems , so please have patience.

I talked to our machine shop to have the block cleaned and checked.

Robert Kapteyn


815 212 2389 text or voice.


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