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1990 Convertible, NE Indiana, SOLD

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This isn't a show car, but if you've always wanted a convertible but didn't want to pay convertible prices, here's your car.

125,xxx miles

$2,500 obo

pics here:


125,xxx miles now, I bought it at 107,000. Some of the things I've done to it since then:
-Riv wheels, new tires
-New front calipers and hoses, I think I did the rear hoses too
-180 degree T-Stat plus ECM reprogram to match
-New top, although I haven't done a very good job of keeping it clean. Plus there is a small cut in it from one time I folded it wrong. You can see that in the pics.
-Headlight motor arms and rollers. Forget who I bought them from.
-Headlight switch from Jim.
-Visor clips from Kingsley.
-New battery. I let it sit too long without driving it and killed the old battery.
-A/C doesn't work and I don't believe it has been converted.

-The radio antenna broke off, but I have another complete with motor. Also have an extra radio, maybe two.

-The worst part of the body is the front of the driver's door, it looks like something got stuck in there. It was like that when I bought it and I haven't done anything about it. I have that missing carpet piece from the passenger door, it fell off and needs re-glued.
I also have a set of really rough 91 wheels that need refinishing. I was going to redo them and paint them white like a select 60, but never got around to it. I'll throw those in too.


If you come get it this week, I'll give you a heck of a deal



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Now Dave, don't tempt me. I was looking at this and thinking bad thoughts just now...anyone want a twofer deal on a couple of 88 white/burgundy coupes  in need of some attention? 

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I am very tempted, but with my 91 vert still not done and the early 88 kicking me in the pants presently, I really can't take on another. If I were rid of the parts car and didnt have so much else to do on my fleet, I'd be all over this one. Then again, I've been known to get in over my head now and again...ok, I gotta step away from the edge here.

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The only draw back is that the A/C doesn't work, but then again when the top is down do you really need the A/C? Once again a inexpensive enough car with enough work done on it, that looks good [enough] so one isn't too tempted to spend a bunch more money on fixing the appearance flaws.

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