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A friend of mine needed some cash and he had a Reatta zippered portfolio for sale. I purchased it from him for $200.00  It is in good shape and it has the flashlight that works, and the tire guage.. It is missing the pen.. It has the 1990 owners manual the Reatta road map, the Reatta little build book, uncut plastic key, and the signed craftsman log.


I have no need to keep it ;and it is for sale for $200.00 that I paid plus shipping for $10.00.

contact me at if you have an interest.

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I just picked up a Reatta parts car and inside was the small folder in the glove compartment with a '90 manual in it and it has the pen.

The folder is nice but the manual is there but sort of water logged so if the purchaser of Chuck's big folder needs a small folder a pen and a usable but not so pretty owners manual, I would sell mine for $ 35 plus $ 8 for Priority Mail shipping.

I would also sell this folder with the pen and a nicer '90 manual for $ 45


Since Chuck has sold his, I will also mention, I have a very nice complete, still in the plastic wrapper, a zippered portfolio with everything in it, including the pen, flashlight and tire gauge.

I would sell mine for $ 325 plus shipping.

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