mooooore o-rings.....

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As I chased that mystery of the leaking fuel pressure regulator, I discovered a set of o-rings that I had never realized existed.  On the end of the both the supply and the return fuel lines to the injector rail, there are tiny o-rings.  I am attaching a pic of the ones that I removed to show the damage that is most likely from the ethanol in the fuel.  These are Viton o-rings, but something sure ate away at those installed on my Reatta.  Granted these ARE 29 yo o-rings.  I found the set (1/4"return, 3/8"supply) at NAPA (ECHLIN v10067 / 2-18416) for under $5 for the set.  None of the other FLAPS had anything close to the 1/4" in Viton.  Note in the picture the erosion and the fact that it is only on part of the circumference.  I would be curious if anyone else has discovered these little o-rings and in what condition.  


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