Bucket headlight bolt springs

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IMG_0169.thumb.JPG.91223b37b1435858ee684742aa0c7536.JPGIMG_0149.thumb.JPG.69cf0fccc6b2bb208cbc1a06ccd3a2c3.JPGThese are the springs that hold the bolt in place inside most bucket type headlights 30 cars, reproduction exact as originals


price is $5.00 ea plus shipping, the best I can do is a flat $2.75 US only no Canada shipping, just sent out to Canada, shipping was 10.75 for the same size package that ship here for the above. ( $2.75) sorry can't control out of country shipping costs


Also sold by the dozen ( restoration shops,)  $60.00 plus  $5.95 shipping.


other parts also for sale,,,







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Lower price (see edit history)

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