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Frank Wilkie

1920s 30s car trunk

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Vintage car trunk. Solid top & sides. Bottom is weak wood. Needs reinforced to line up with latch. Good for a rat rod. Hinges up freely & locks in.. Size appx 40"x17" x height max 20" .  No locks.  Price is $45..  call 618-889-6855 or message me.  Will not ship. 





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The unique metal stampings of the box and it's lid, were used on factory built "mixed-makes".


The decorative things like side leather handles, and shape of the plated trim were different from make to make.


The trunk came in two types:  The one shown for sale here has a solid back panel.  The other style had a drop down back panel, to give more access besides the lifting top lid.  I have one of each; one came with my car, and other I found at a yard sale 30 years ago.


My 32 Nash convertible has the one with drop panel because mine has sidemounts.  If my car had a rear spare, it would use the solid back because the tire was mounted behind it.  The Nash 2dr conv sedan has that trunk bolted solid into the extended rear frame apron panel.  The apron panel has a recessed spot at front corners, that matches the exact curves of the base of the trunk.


Most that I have seen here on AACA, have side leather handles, including my Nash.


Some might think it is a generic trunk.  But take a look at the top lid; it is sloped.   Most other car trunks don't have that sloped lid.  All of the ones I have seen are factory wood bottom panel.


There were twin locks at the chromed strips.  The strips are chrome over aluminum-like material



The "all" grey car below shows why a drop panel was used, as it gives access better if the roof is down.





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It will sell, but without being able to ship you are eliminating a huge part of the market.

I would bet it would bring your price at a garage sale.

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