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In looking for my high beam indicator lens we realized either my Windsor does not have one or it is one that uses one of the "turn indicator" lights for the high beam. I wanted both turn signal indicators to work as normal so I thought, why not have the shift knob glow when using the high beam. It's an easy DIY job. We are running the wires from the high beam switch that normally would go to the instrument panel light, up the steering column and thru the hollow shift lever. Connecting it to a low mcd LED. The result is a nice low glow that does not transmit thru the side. So it doesn't blind you. Only the ribs reflect the light and the dome in the center. So if anyone wants a little something different this is small easy fix and doesn't hurt the authenticity of a great old car. You can use for whatever kind of use you want. Even your alarm warning light.





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