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jerry kaiser

1926 Standard 6

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I have not been on this forum since selling my 38 Coupe Express But now I have a new one a 26 standard 6. This is the oldest Stude I have ever played with.It has been sitting since 1994.

I have put in new plugs and cleaned the points, Drained the gas tank of what used to be gas boy was that stinky. Now what else should I do to get it running again. I also drained the radiator and refilled it.

There are a couple things I am not sure of such as the air cleaner looks like something missing. Also there is a reservoir under the distributor do I need to put oil or grease in it? There is a little lever on the steering column by the key ? And what are you suppose to use the oil can on? Ill try to ad a couple pictures. Thanks for any help with this old girl.







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