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6-17 Delux Coupe

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A friend of mine has/had a '30 6-17 Delux Coupe with the 4 speed, and the big six.  He told me he thought it was the last one known of that model.  Some years ago I found another 6-17 Delux Coupe on the internet but could not track down a phone number in Nebraska? for him to call.  Was that just the ones in the registry or are they that rare?  The predecessor of this model was listed as having a top speed of 80 mph, is that true for the 6-17 as well?    We are helping his widow finish the started restoration, possibly with the thought of taking it to the Forest Grove Concours in July.  I know this is a tight knit community and as this progresses there will be questions, any help will be appreciated.  

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