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1909 Hudson timer

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Splitdorf $350

Wico $300

unknown brand $350

Heinze $400

All are 4 cylinder

Does yours mount on a shaft or against the case? Picture of your location would help determine.58d00b57f3d4f_splitdorftimer4cyla.thumb.jpg.cf47894311996457f1f802015bc27d44.jpg58d00b6befc5b_splitdorftimer4cylb.thumb.jpg.dac78f04e430ee7ed79f61a67f8fde24.jpg58d00ba493bcf_timer4cylwicoa.JPG.23ea2fbdbe36b83fc2db39750d26dcd5.JPG58d00bc9c49bb_timer4cylwicob.JPG.42f0aa42fa89ea7bdc1500c072553eb7.JPG58d00bfb99b1a_timeraluminum4cyla.JPG.f8ed8141afa6cbc49f3ac3c2bc1d1d16.JPG58d00c2291e91_timeraluminum4cylb.JPG.615964b4d6e89ecc79a6fc286eec2859.JPG58d00c5aaf422_heinzetimera.JPG.99de11936ff592d788d628c963f0c5c2.JPG58d00c9300aa5_heinzetimerb.JPG.b47f6a6dd19c2e8347d0de1d6d4dd0a6.JPG

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