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1957 1958 Cadillac Rocker Panels

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I am selling a rocker panel that fits all 1957 1958 Cadillac cars. Most of the aftermarket rocker panels were made slightly larger than the original on the car so it would slip over it for a quick fix. I have this panel made by an Amish sheet metal worker who uses as a template a P-714 P715 rocker panel was made by the Schofield company as a regular conventional fit rocker panel that was the same size as the NOS rocker panel. This rocker can be used on all four door cars, you will have to trim out the notch for the door post. This panel can be used on any of the two door cars also by trimming off the top portion past the door opening so that the outer and bottom areas of the rocker extend back into the front of the quarter between the door and the front of the rear wheel well. This area of the quarter panel on a two door car always has the same contour as the rocker panel. The price is $70, I can ship. You can pick this up in Waukesha or at the Jefferson Car show April 28-30, 2017. I also have rockers and other patch panels for most cars from the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s, if there is something else you are looking for please let me know.



Cad5758 (2).JPG

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