1957 Roadmaster Photos

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Kind of odd, since I am essentially out of the hobby. My footprint is still pretty large, I get a lot of emails and calls still. I had an old ad on the Imperial Club website seeking a 66 Imperial.  This fellow had 2, spotted my old ad (probably 8 months old).  He lives in Des Moines. I live in Des Moines. He must be getting older and is moving from his very nice ranch home and had a real estate open house.


He emails me to come look at the Imperials. On Sunday I go to the open house and check them out and the realtor said "and the one in the other garage".  Since it's an open house and the seller invited me in to look at the Imperials, I walk out to the stand alone 2 + car garage and went "wow". 


I know there are a lot of 57 Buick fans and I am a big 57 C Body fan.  I love the reverse canted C pillar, one of Harley Earl's finest styling approvals. Seen only on Buick and Cadillac where it worked with the larger bodies.  


All 3 of these cars were originals, no restoration. I am maintaining a dialogue with the seller and hope to take additional photos. I believe this is archival quality stuff.  I don't believe I saw this car at the 2010 Buick National Meet in Ames, Iowa. 


It never ceases to amaze me how many old cars are still out there, and we never know. In garages.  I have also been to 4 Des Moines Concours and have never seen his cars. (Patrick Brooks, Terry Wiegand, and other BCA members have had their cars in this show). 


I love understated colors in the over the top 50's.  This car is all black and white.  Just beautiful.

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