What are these Parabeam Headlights from?

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I have a pair of these 1931-33 headlights marker Parabeam on the light body and the lenses, They have a grommet for a badge bar to go between them and a blue/green jewel on the outsides. They attach to the light bar with a large nut and looks like they had a chrome sleeve that went verticle down to the frame for the wires to run up through like a 31-32 Franklin or other early 30s cars. These are a real mystery to me. Any help would be appreciated.  Mike

parts for sale 2 26 17 010.JPG

parts for sale 2 26 17 011.JPG

parts for sale 2 26 17 012.JPG

parts for sale 2 26 17 013.JPG

parts for sale 2 26 17 014.JPG

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