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Sucker for an orphan - Powell Crosley - what can tell me about it?

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There certainly doesn't have to be a logical reason, but there should be an "otherwise" reason. I know that very well. My personal question is "Why do I want a car when there is an endless stream of cars I like available? I always wanted one or I need that work for me.


AND, as Grog shows, list all the adjectives that you have heard people use to describe the car you want. For years, when talking about desirability of old cars, I have asked for all the adjectives used to describe a Plymouth.


I man picked up a car at my house one time and told me he wanted it because he always wanted a car eligible for the London to Brighton run that had a self-starter. Not a common desire, but came to mind.


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A car that was never popular, few know about or appreciate, missing impossible to find parts, not overly good looking, and won't be worth much when finished? I love that stuff! Glad you found it and not me, that is the stuff that keeps getting me in trouble with my very understanding wife.

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Oh, I see what the deal is. It's over-priced. $7500.


Antique PU - $7500 -

1949 PIck up
condition: fair
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: other

1 It is photographed in surroundings that add a certain panache though.

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