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Chuck Kuntz

Antique Automobile Quarterly Volume 1 No. 1

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Chuck (or anyone else), do you know anything about

TWO different cover designs for Volume 1, Number 1?

The original issue which I have has a cover like all

the subsequent issues, with the illustration taking up

a smaller center section of the cover.

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1 hour ago, 30DodgePanel said:

Does this publication list production figures for early US auto manufacturers ?


No.  It's just a magazine, albeit a really well-done one

and in hard covers.


If they were writing about a particular manufacturer

in an article devoted to a specific car brand, they might

touch on quantities produced.  However, for most obscure

early cars, it's safe to say that little or no production figures

are known.  There just haven't been many (or any) people

researching Lozier or Pilot or the other thousand early producers;

and for many of those companies, the information has 

probably even been lost.


That is why we should preserve as much history as we can.

What seems routine to us today may be interesting and valuable

decades from now.

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It's the Spring 1962 issue.

I have no knowledge, though, of it being

sent to all AACA members.  Maybe others

can tell more.


The producer of the magazine, Scott Bailey,

had been the editor of the AACA magazine, 

Antique Automobile.

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My friend got a copy of issue No. 1 in 1962 when he was 17 years old. He was an AACA member then and, since he wasn't a subscriber to AQ, assumed they were sent to all AACA members.

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