1941 fluid drive question- won't go in reverse

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I have a Chrysler Windsor fluid drive with vaccum shift and need help with a transmission question, I can't find the answer in the book so I am consulting the experts! Everything is installed in car, car runs, I have forward gear and tires rotate when engine is running with car in  high or low gear.


On steering  column.....forward low is shifter out and up. Forward high (normal driving) is shifter out and down. Reverse is supposed to be shifter pulled in and up.

 There are 2 levers on driver side of transmission. One lever has 3 positions (neutral, high, and low). This lever moves when shifter in car is moved up or down.  The other lever on transmission moves towards front of car about 1-2 inch when you pull shifter in car "in" for reverse.


I jack the car up (with car not running) and manipulate the 2 levers by hand and can't seem to find a combination that puts car in reverse gear where I can rotate the driveshaft by hand in opposite direction from drive. Neutral lets driveshaft rotate either way, with car in high or low the driveshaft only rotate in one direction. How do I get it to rotate opposite direction so car can go in reverse? Am I missing something simple? Other than linkage is something  locking the car out of going into reverse? Any help is appreciated!     

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