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Brad Conley


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Like posted...not mine although I do know of the car. They are asking $10,500 and it is currently in Destin, FL. CONTACT OWNER AT: muffinbutter AT mac DOT com

What the owner shared with me:

Here is my 1966 Buick LeSabre Custom convertible. This was built in Delaware (US), but sold as a Canadian car - which is where I purchased it. This car is now in Florida (although the registration is still Ohio - I did not renew since I knew I was going to sell her).

The odometer reads 09,214.0, so it might be 109,214.0, but I don’t really know how accurate it is..
I believe there has been one repaint of the original color with the same color.
The top has been recently redone with a glass rear window and functions well.
I just rebuilt the carburetor.
New A Pillar seals have been installed.
There are a lot of extra parts (the boxes in the trunk):
Replacement door glass for both doors
Replacement heater control unit (the one that goes in the dash
Ball joints
Inner tie rod
Outer tie rod ends
New Turn Signal lever
New brake shoes
Stabilizer bar
Extra tire (in addition to the spare)
Car cover
The dash has a couple of age cracks.
The steering wheel has age cracks.
The seats have tears and seams starting to come loose
The upper bushings in front need replaced.

Basically a “survivor” car that has been molested somewhat in order to keep her running. I was told that the transmission is from an earlier car without backing lights, so there was no place to hook up the backing lights and a toggle switch was added below the dash on the left hand side to manually turn on and off the backing lights. The wiring has been cobbled together over the years, but all electrics work fine. 
Overall, the car runs good (after warm up), rides well and the body is in great condition for its age. It has made 2 long distance trips with no mechanical problems - 492 miles from Canada to Ohio and 850 miles from Ohio to Florida. 
It's a great car that gets a lot of looks and thumbs up. I just don't have room for it.
I believe it to be in Good condition from a ratings standpoint. Message for more information or more photos: muffinbutter AT mac DOT com




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