1936 Chrysler Airflow Imperial C-10 , Mumbai(Bombay), India.

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Earlier in May 2016, I imported a project car into India from USA. The car was relatively very complete, but badly rusted. The car was missing a few things namely - Fender Spats, lock & crank escutcheons, front arm rests, courtesy lights, door sill plates, etc. I've managed to find the fender spats on Ebay, and fabricating the rest with images sourced online. As of now to begin with I've imported the Steele Rubber Kit and a 6 V wiring harness from YNZ's . 


We have finished the tin work on the car. 


i've hit a hurdle sourcing a few things, can anyone please help. 


The parts are as below -

1. Sill Plates

2. Courtesy light.

3. Hubcap Skins.

4. Spare Wheel

5. Rear Side Armrest - Ashtray/s (if not, detailed high resolution pictures please)

6. Metal Ring around the bumper bracket - (if not, detailed high resolution pictures or specifications)


I'm posting a few pictures of the car, and will update work in progress pictures.


Kind Regards,








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I can help you with the sill plates. I have been making them for all Chrysler and De Soto Airflows since 1987. If you will send me a PM with your contact information, I can fill you in on the details. These are etched aluminum in the correct original pattern and made to order to fit. Best of luck with your project.:)

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