1913 Studebaker

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Frank Wilkie    32

Do you have any other pictures of this car?   My dad had a model 25 when I was a kid. We drove it a lot. Ours was blue body & black fenders. It was a very easy start with just a quarter of a turn.  I got it out later in my life when it had been sitting for about 10 years in a garage and got it started again. In the picture is my son. He is now 50 years old.   I sold this car for my dad to a man in South Bend area.  About 5 years after the sale I tried to locate the car and found it. He still owned it but he wouldn't let me see it at that time. He told me to come back another time and he would show it to me. He was a little upset about it. He told me he stored it away ,and pointed to the barn. He said someone had broken in and stole some items off of it.. Anyway I never went back.  


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avantey    15

I am currently the proud keeper of this little beautiful car in the video.  It is an SA-25 roadster with about 7000 miles and is mostly original.  The engine and drivetrain have never been rebuilt or the body off the car as far as I can tell.  The previous owner shot this and a few other videos that you can find on U tube.  She is a sweetheart to run and drive!  And yes usually starts on the first or second 1/4 pull.  I am currently rebuilding the Splitdorf mag as I lost spark a while ago, hope to be on the road again this summer.






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gossp    1

I love an unmolested car and you have a beauty there!  My father has a '15 EC that I took around the block today just to get a "car ride fix" as it will be a minute before my old car is on the road. Studes of that era are amazing machines: Comfortable ride, ample power.... and living in Indiana it's just great to have one around!

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