1961-64 Cadillac Rocker Panels

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I have these rocker panels that fit all 1961-64 Cadillacs made by an Amish sheet metal shop who used a die stamped panel that I had from the 1960's as a template. This panel can be used on either side of a four door car by cutting the notch for the door post in the correct location. It can also be used on a two door to replace the area under the door along with the outside bottom of the rear quarter from the door opening to the front of the rear wheel well. This area of a two door car quarter always has the same contour as the rocker panel. all you have to do is trim off the area designed to go up inside of the door from the section that you are going to splice into the quarter panel with. The price on the rockers is $67.50 each plus shipping, please contact me with any questions you may have.  Gary Bauer PH 262-549-9583  E-mail





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