Beautiful dash gauge pod, but for what?

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Guys, I found this beautiful pod that includes oil pressure, fuel, amps and temp gauges!  I am a 60's car guy and this is before what I collect.  The chrome, gauge face, graphics, orange needles are all in awesome condition. Needles move freely.  There is a wood grain circle in the middle.  It was mounted on a dash that is slanted.  Has all 3 mounting studs and nuts.  It is clean and looks like it would bolt in and work right as is.  It was stored inside and the chrome bezel shows it!  I believe it is probably early to mid 50's.  


Originally I thought it might be GM, maybe Cadillac?  Not sure now?  The back has no stamped part number, just the remains of red stamped on number that was smeared and I cannot read it.  Somebody would kill for something this nice!  I just have to figure out what????






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Nash had a similar dash cluster about 1950, that was housed in a shell that resembled a late 1930's headlight shell. It attached to the steering column. This might be a later Nash, or possibly a Metropolitan, which Nash sold in the USA

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