W T B 1970-71 Chevelle dashboard

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Looking for a complete dashboard for 70-71 Chevelle a/c car,( if that matters). I'm not sure if non a/c cars share the same dash. Driver quality or better. Thanks for looking!

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I don't have one to sell, but a few questions will come up;

SS (round gauge) or sweep speedo style?  SS style are re-popped.

70-72 are the same, I have a 71 in my 70 Malibu with a/c, but if you want to be correct the 70 gauges have green printing, 71-72 are white.

What do you mean by complete?  The main dash is the same for a/c, the vents on the end are different, but swap into the same hole.  The standard end vents are re-popped.  There are two screw on 'crotch cooler' vents, and a top center vent that replaces the blanking plate for the a/c cars. 


hope that helps and good luck in your search



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