1960 MGA Restoration

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Now I understand why your fuel tank looks so pretty.

I'll buy a new one as it is not so expensive, the same for the exhaust and keep the old ones as you say.

I hope to start the body for after the summer, hoping to have some full days during this holidays to work on it.


Next hard step for me is to choose the color.  Original one is old English white but I don't like it.

My prefered one is the verde acqua from the fiat 500, not an original one but between ash green and island green.


Have you already decided which one will you make?


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Angelo, I'm a stickler for originality, so I'm going with the original color, which of course, is Old English White, just like yours.  Black interior with white piping, gray top.  I must say, I've always thought the Dove gray is one of the best colors.

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I wanted to keep it original in the beginning of the restoration, but it is not possible.  Serial number was missing on the engine

It was blocked and when I opened it I was surprised by the diameter of the bore. 

It was larger than all the oversizes, it was one MGB engine!

I could only find 1600cc MGA engine on exchange basis, so I kept the MGB engine.

At this time I realized that the number 1800 on the block was the CC on the engine, it should have been 1600.

So I changed mind, if there is no original motor, I could go for non orignal color?

I saw one yellow with grey interior that I liked very much, but it is again MGB color.




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Still able to stick to my edict of doing at least an hour each day (when I'm home).


I finished the intake manifold yesterday (Photo 1).  Also includes a bracket and brass firing order guide tag.  Just need the gaskets on each side.


Finished painting the air cleaner assembly tops (Photo 2).  Tough to get these painted well, as there is always dust and dirt around.  May have to touch these up a little if there are any irregularities in them after they dry.  Should be starting the lower assemblies soon, before I start on the carbs.


Also got my condenser in from Moss, so finished up the distributor (Photo 3).  Tried to reuse as much as possible, but replaced the points, condenser, plug wires, and coil wires.  Was able to clean and reuse all the other parts (with help from a junker distributor I bought on ebay to replace the main shaft.  Very happy with the results on all these pieces, was able to restore most of the engine parts rather than replace.  Should make for a much more authentic restoration.






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