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I respect and appreciate that a number of good folks have commented regarding the Buick Straight 8 engines and there inherent strengths and weaknesses. However limited experience, and placing what one person has found in itself does not become the matter of fact. There are always exceptions that can and do produce different results..   The statement that a Buick Straight 8 (modified) cannot sustain RPMs above 4,000 is simply not true. I have built several over the years that exceeded 5,000 rpm on the street and I never had a mechanical failure of any kind. No I was  not racing them. However our friends Gary and Chuck Hammond who are well-known and formidable drag racers do... Here is an except from an email Gary wrote me this morning: 10-25-2017

Hi Shelby,
We always build are own engines. Naturally aspirated, with fuel injection running on alcohol I would guess 420 to 450 H.P. We have never had access to a dyno since we were out in the country. As for RPM, I would shift at 6,000 rpms. Once in a while, to catch up with some one, I would run it up to 6,500 rpms. Best quarter mile time 9.47 seconds @ 148 mph Indianapolis, In. This was driving our D/A 23 T-Roadster. It took us several months to build the engine. It had lots of modifications. Never blew up an engine while drag racing for more than 50 years. We bent a rod one time, due to fuel build up in intake while changing jets on the four carbs. Ran out of time between rounds and had to fire up before clearing out the excess fuel or we would had been disqualified. But the old Buick still perform well and we won the race and middle eliminator title a CDR drag strip, Castle Rock, CO. Only other engine problem was a broken lifter. One lifter broke apart and separated right around the bottom, The bottom of the lifter split off, leaving a hollow outer core. The camshaft lobe caught the bottom and wiped it into the crankcase. The pushrod dropped down and continued to run on the lobe with a large cleanance lash on the exhaut valve. Again, this was on a final middle eliminator race, engine held together and we still won the race with one weak cylinder. 
Buick Straight tough engine!
So there  you go fellas, long time experience prevails. 
Attaching a picture of the Straight 8 powered 23 T in our shop. A street rod being built to look like a dragster.




23 t hot rod 4 - Copy.jpg

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On November 10, 2017 at 3:55 PM, louisde10 said:

where can i get a split manifold for a 248 ci


Perhaps here if you start a Want to Buy thread in either/both the Pre War or Buick Buy Sell forums. 

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