Need help on a four stall garage

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You could maybe get by having a 20 X 20 space for 2 cars but little room to work around them.

Here is a sketch with the car parking space 20 ft wide and 24 deep...that allows for longer vehicles and/or some working space in front or back.

With your request for a "L" shaped garage, I added the L making it the same size.

That gives you room for 4 cars plus the 24 x 24 shop space in the corner, the problem is that adds up to 1536 Sq Ft.

You can move the blocks could even cut the 24 x 24 space on a diagonal  and that would get you to 1248 but that may mess with your roof line.


The second layout add 4 feet to each side  for more room to work and open doors... that adds 96 sf to each end.

Cutting the 24 x24 on a diagonal cuts reduces it to 288 sf.......... for a total of 1420 sq ft

If you could justify keeping the roof full size over the corner section (marked with X ), that could be future expansion and a place for garden equipment etc....walls could be added at a later date.


garage 2.jpg

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