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Automobile Quarterly Volume #51 (1-4)

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I am looking for these 4 issues in order to complete a set. Anyone here have them available at a reasonable price (not a giveaway, but reasonable)? Maybe you know someone? At the right price I might even buy a whole set if you do not wish to break them up. 



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According to that link, they want $40 PER ISSUE

for Volume 51!  In my opinion, that is far more than

they are worth, as I've seen several near-complete

sets for sale (almost 200 issues) for $300 to $325.


Mr. Baron, don't feel beholden to completing sets

if you can't find a good price.  No one needs 4 issues

of a magazine at any price.  I suspect most people

with all those magazines haven't come close to reading

them all;  I haven't.   Just declare that your library

ends at Volume 50 and appreciate all the good

reading material you already have available.

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