Surf City '38

1938 RC 1/2t Engine Removal Project

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As promised, I started the engine removal project today, and have loaded the photos here;


First points to remember, thanks to Dave at Dodge City Vintage plus a few of my own.


1) Be patient! Remember its a 75+ year old machine.

2) Try to use as many hand tools as you can, air tools tend to break bolts, but so do hand tools! I used both and broke with both.

3) Create a mixture of penetrating fluid, I used 50/50 blend of MMO (Marvelous Mystery Oil and Acetone), be sure to spray the bolts you want to loosen at least 24 hours prior to removal.

4) Be sure to have a portable torch, to help convince the bolts they want to come off.

5) Take a ton of pictures and label everything.

6) Have a shop crane, or a friend to help with the heavy stuff.

7) Have fun.....


In my attempt, I am trying to take the engine and transmission out at the same time. This will require removing the front two fenders, the hood, bumper, and the radiator grill and assembly.


The toughest part so far, is the bolts under the running board. From all the years of road grime, rain, and what not, the threads on those bolts are history. The second hardest, so far, taking the spare tire mount out. Lots of MMO and a pry bar. Photos are in chronological order, as long as you start at the lowest number and go up from there.


Will update with more photos and comments next weekend.



Surf City '38

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Hi Alan:


Can't tell you how helpful this is and appreciate your consideration in providing shots of your truck and disassembly.


Thanks again,


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No problem Vic, I do it for the passion too.


....and for anyone else thinking about doing it, or anyone in the process of doing it...


So here is today's progress.....Enjoy the Truck Pornography!  :)













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We have a customer that did a nut and bolt on a 38 Dodge Truck. He said to give him a call with any questions for your build. I'm picking up a 1917 touring in Pomona for him this week.

 His name is Alex

916 769 8881










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Nice job on posting. How many cab mounts have the springs? What shot is this? Thanks for your sharing.

Two mounts have the spring, passenger side. One mount has the spring, drivers side, rear. Wood spacers are still in place.


That shot was showing the location of the frame to splash fender connection on the drivers side only, just behind the radiator. The passenger side splash fender was removed prior to me purchasing, but the connection to the frame is the same only opposite.

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Anyone need any specific photos of a fairly non-molested 1938 1/2 RC, need to ask now, once its all apart, its off to the machine shop and body shop.... 









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Thanks Dave,


Do you happen to have a close up shot of the rear motor mounts? Mine are covered in external lubrication (oil & grime), and I can not see which bolts to loosen.


Looking at the shop manual is no help either.....


All that is left is the removal of the upper section of the floor board (to gain clearance for the shift handle), the cutting the exhaust pipe, and taking the four bolts off the Bell Housing....

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Ok folks, all done for this weekend.


Got the upper floor pan off, after removing the heater. Also cut the exhaust pipe. Only things remaining, take the bell housing loose from the tranny and take off the rear motor mounts.....Enjoy the final shots of the weekend.  :D











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